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“Yesterday, Today and Feorever… the same!”




At the night of December13, 1990, the chosen one and the man of destiny was born. People considered him as gift from “God.”


Today at the age of eighteen, i became more matured than i was then before. Experience made me more matured one and with the help of his friends they kept him in insane.


My experience in my journey are the most important treasures that I have. These experience mold me through matured one.

        My experience can be classified unto failures or success in life. Failures are the stepping stones to success. Failures should encourage people to strive more. As the saying,” A quitter never wins, a winner never quits.” Hard work and perseverance lead to success. Thomas Edison used perseverance to succeed. He experience 10,000 failures before perfecting the electric light. His multi-million laboratory, together with important materials and equipment was totally destroyed with fire. But he was not discouraged. He rebuilt his laboratory and labored until he reached his goal. There many rags-to-riches stories which are full human endurance and the will to succeed.


The experience that made me change and be what I’ am now is the time when I knew my Best Friend whom is Jesus. At the age of eighteen, things in this world become more complicated. That are easy becomes more difficult.  Circumstances are freely moving aside of me.


Many circumstances in my study want me to destroy totally. One of this, low score in examination. But when I call the emergency hotline which in the Book of Wisdom, Psalms 50:15, “Call to me in times of trouble.  I will save you, and you will honor me."

Things in my environment change according to the will of the Almighty Creator…God. Now, I’m enjoying serving him... I devoted my vacation day for him. I write devotions in my journal book.


And they say, if you read the wisdom coming from God is nothiing between the head, I beg to disagree because reading and applying all of his wisdom makes me a more matured human.


               I use my skills in worshipping him… my talent in playing the guitar. I worship him through singing and strumming the guitar in Sunday in our church… name Jesus is Alive church- 4th heaven at Ilocano Heroes Hall, Laoag city, Philippines.


I want you to know this… secret!!


I cried, when I know that I did not pass the retention policy of BS in Accountancy. I felt so sorry for this. I considered this as a fatal accident [tragic] of my life. I lost my appetite because of this dream, to become a CPA someday but I realize that nothing should I worry because these earthly treasures will fade away [perishable treasures]. I can not bring this when I go to the happy hunting grounds [heaven].I pray to the Almighty Creator please don’t reap yet my life, because it’s too early. Still I want to finish my business… business to read all the wise books of sayings [Bible]. I’m not yet done; I’m still in the Book of Isaiah…Amen



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As far as looks are concerned, it’s more of the same as before. The mostly-aluminium design and smooth sides is the same template as the iPhone 6.

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